“Busy Signal” Gallery 4, Pittsburgh, PA. March 4th-May 2016

An exhibit of new paintings alongside artist Soviet, which varied from the surreal to the abstract in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Below is a brief description:

Curve grew up painting graffiti primarily in New Haven and Philadelphia, where he was raised. The hand painted signs, community murals and mysterious unsanctioned art, ever present in these cities, have always informed the direction of his work. His work on walls and on canvas convey the intersection of human interaction and the built and natural environment. Drawing from experiential awareness, the colors and humorous spirit of Curve’s work translate the eccentricities of the environments in which we live.

Curve’s urban landscapes combine images and abstractions from memories, dreams, and observations. Many of the works feature an imagined mural serving as backdrop to the lives of various people. The accompanying figures are sometimes walking, evoking a sense of loneliness. The color palette is nostalgic and the work indicates a fascination with primitive art and folk art traditions.

“The initial mark a person makes on a surface is the most honest and natural one. I’m very inspired by children’s artwork. I aim to recreate scenes where elements of ordinary life blend together to form an overall harmonious design.”