“Dreams and Detours” Deepspace Gallery, Jersey City, NJ. April 2017

“Dreams and Detours” is the first two person of new work by Curve and Esteme, who have been collaborating artistically for two decades. Curve contributed a series of handmade wooden trucks, 6 light box portraits of subway commuters, and several figurative paintings.

These scenes of daily life in urban environments range from the realistic to the spectacular. Curve creates a stage set, or a window to the physical world, seen through his own mental filter. The narratives play out like the gray area between memory and dream. The Sketchy, loose quality and the broad gestural brushwork enlist the skills that Curve has cultivated as a graffiti artist, working on a large scale, often under hasty conditions. His experience of creating dynamic letters informs the structures in the work, which are exploited for their shape and attractiveness. Curve finds graphic potential in everything from a subway rider to a boxtruck.